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Sherlock Holmes Review

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Contains 12 short stories.

Published: 1892
Pages: ~365
Completed: Yes
Enjoyed: Yes

Seriousness: Mostly
Genre: Mystery-ish, Adventure
Difficulty: Easy
Rating: PG (various criminal activities – nothing too scarring to modern sensibilities)

Recommend: Yes

Up next … I’m not really sure. Owing to recent events in this little corner of the globe, I’m even less keen than before on something heavy and/or dark. It could be a very good time to break out something by Austen, for example. I’m open to Persuasion…

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A Holmes by any other name

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As I’ve said, it’s interesting to compare Holmes as he is portrayed in different media. Most versions (that I’ve encountered, anyway) seem to capture the confident, aloof, intellectual Holmes. Opinion seems more divided on the morose, introspective, troubled Holmes; he remarks to Watson in one of these stories that he is his only friend. He seems almost bipolar: at times sitting catatonic, curled in his armchair or hiding under his hat, deep in thought; at others, filled with what Watson (as the narrator) describes as the thrill of the chase, he is full of vim and vigour, eyes bright and tail bushy. Er… if he had a tail.

Robert Downey Jr. turns him into a superhero. I haven’t had a chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch, but he allegedly gives a fairly accurate modernised portrayal. Basil the Great Mouse Detective focuses on the manic phase.

Hugh Laurie (as House, MD) seems to capture the dichotomy, with the added twist of misanthropy. He certainly captures the feeling that Holmes understands people and knows how to get them to react the way he wants, but because/in spite of this he can’t really relate to them on a personal level.

Woah, heavy note to finish on: Sherlock Holmes is a psychopath.

Well, no, not really. He’s more like Dumbledore: a manipulative so-and-so, but uses his powers for good, and does actually care about people. He just believes he knows better than everyone else, and that they won’t do the right thing if he – oh, I don’t know – told them what was going on.

</rant> 😉


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Still Alive*

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In which the author reveals some of his hobbies.

Well, a belated happy new year to my reading audience (all three of you). It’s been an interesting month. Besides work starting up again, I’ve also resumed Tai Chi classes after a long sabbatical, and thus feel terribly inept and uncoordinated. Otherwise I have spent most of my time with the world’s greatest detective.

No, not Sherlock Holmes. Batman.

You see, Rose Red did a great and terrible thing and gave me Arkham Asylum. My free time promptly mysteriously vanished (solve that one, Sherlock…).

So anyway, I have eventually returned Holmesward, and been experiencing an odd sense of familiarity. I’m sure I’ve never read these adventures before (I’d only read Hound of the Baskervilles), and I didn’t know the answers before Sherlock revealed them, yet it all seems like somewhere I’ve been before. Maybe I have read some of them back in the distant and forgotten past? Maybe I’ve seen Jeremy Brett act some of them out? Rose Red suggests that maybe elements of the stories have become mystery cliches, hence the sense of deja-vu.

I don’t really know. I do know that I’m enjoying reading them.

* This was a triumph…


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