Deus Ex Machinations

11 Mar

It’s rather amusing that sometimes a character’s attempts to manipulate things to their own advantage actually benefits their nominal opponent. In the case of Sense and Sensibility, I experienced the following sequence of reactions:

  • “Welp, Lucy’s married. Oooh, poor Elinor.”
  • “Hmmm… the details are suspiciously vague – is this more of her teenage-girl-eque cattiness?”
  • “Wait, Robert?!? Where did that come from?!”
  • “Oh, right, yay!”

So, once relevant explanations are made, it all makes perfect sense; and indeed, it never felt like something completely out-of-the-blue, just unexpected. In some ways, an even more difficult twist to pull off than the one that leaves the audience thinking “Of course! Why didn’t I see it before?”. It’s got to be something that doesn’t explain itself, but feels plausible enough that the audience will be expecting it to be explained in the not-too-distant future (and it better not be too distant, lest you lose audience good-will).

So everything works out happily in the end. I’m just annoyed that Marianne is frequently referred to as being a “reward” for Colonel Brandon’s friendship and help. A product of the time, I suspect, but it comes across just a mite creepy these days.

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Posted by on March 11, 2013 in Sense and Sensibility


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