What? A post?

09 Feb

Happy Christma… er… New Yea… um… February? Really?

Furthering my efforts to prove the old adage that “We make our plans but God has the last laugh”, I haven’t even looked at Jane Eyre (sorry, Jane). Reading-wise, I’ve mainly been distracted by a couple of non-fiction books: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, and “The First 50 Pages” by Jeff Gerke.

I’ve also been reading Sense and Sensibility to Rose Red, so there is that. It’s interesting in that you can sort of tell it’s early Jane Austen – the characters are a bit more caricatures than in some of her other novels. She still has her usual deftness of phrase, however; it’s a delight for recognising subtext (usually snarky – life lesson number 82; avoiding getting into a verbal stoush with Ms. Austen).

The other distraction has been one of my other hobbies, which I might as well share: I’ve been working on a couple of little computer games. A solitaire variant (called “Montana“), and a Mahjong solitaire game (inspired by an old DOS version by Nels Anderson).

EDIT: Evidently I cannot directly post the files here – I’ll figure something out shortly.
EDIT2: Okay, this should work:

Gameplay ought to be fairly intuitive (for a given value of “intuitive”).

In Montana, you click on a card to move it into a gap (provided the gap is to the right of the previous card), 2s can be moved to a gap at the far left. Redealing shuffles the “unlocked” cards, but costs you 10 points.

In Mahjongg, click on a tile to select it, then on a matching tile to remove it. A tile cannot be selected if it is blocked in by other tiles either on both sides of it or above it. Any arrangement of tiles should be possible to solve.

They’re written in Java, and you should be able to run them by double-clicking on the Montana.jar or Mahjongg.jar file. You will need to have the java runtime on your computer – if you don’t it can be freely downloaded from

I am open to feedback if you have anything to say.

There’s another project that I’ve been tinkering with, but it’s not ready for public consumption (yet). One day, hopefully.

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  1. Victormn

    February 25, 2013 at 6:15 am

    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. (c)Anais Nin here


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