Favourite characters?

21 Dec

It’s funny the way people relate to characters. Some become old friends, sought out again and again in other books/movies/etc. Some just rub us the wrong way.

The Harry Potter series has a great many characters (more than you can shake a stick at? I don’t know, I’m reasonably adept at shaking a stick and I can count pretty high), so there’s bound to be someone that you “click” with, whether it’s one of the trio, another student, one of the teachers, or even Voldemort (though he’s probably more in the “love to hate” category).

I’m probably wierd, though, in that I don’t tend to have one single favourite… well… anything. Sure, there are characters I like: Remus, for his quiet dignity; Dumbledore, for his mix of wisdom and battiness; and Neville, for becoming more than anyone gave him credit for. There are characters I can relate to. Appearance-wise I’m similar to Harry (though I don’t have his green eyes, or his confidence). Personality-wise, I’m probably closer to Hermione (bookish perfectionist), even though she annoys me*.

But there are times when I despair of all of these characters; when they don’t behave on the page/screen as they would in my head (some instances more egregious than others). That makes them real, in a way. Real people never quite match the ideal versions of themselves that we construct in our minds (especially ourselves).

So, ultimately there is only one character that never fails to make me smile (though would probably irk me endlessly in real life). Pigwidgeon.

* At times I’ve wondered if it’s her that annoys me, or the seeming exaggeration of her character for comic effect. Comedy is tragedy plus distance after all; maybe I’m not distant enough to find it funny?


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2 responses to “Favourite characters?

  1. 徵信社

    January 19, 2012 at 8:03 am

    I quite agree with your submission, however, lam having problem subscribing to your rss

    • knightowl

      January 29, 2012 at 8:05 pm

      Thank you.

      I apologise for the delay, but your comment was caught in the spam filter.

      I’m not sure how the rss works, so if you’re having problems you should probably contact WordPress support.


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