People don’t always make sense

24 Jul

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Heart of Darkness is finished, and it’s a thought-provoking story. In some ways, whether we agree with Marlow (the in-story narrator) or not reveals our own biases and ability (or lack thereof) to forgive. Can you respect someone who doesn’t share your preferences? Can you respect someone who has done horrible things, but repented? It’s not easy.

The final scene raises another interesting question; is it better to tell the truth, or lie to preserve someone’s reputation/spare someone’s feelings? It’s important to point out that this was over a question that only one character could answer (he was the only witness). It’s been an issue that I’ve been uncertain about for some time – is lying always wrong? Is lying saying something you know to be incorrect, or does it relate to motive? I don’t have answers, but I’m glad to be asking the questions.

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