Dracula – Review

03 Jul

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Published: 1897
Pages: ~326
Completed: Yes
Enjoyed: Kinda

Seriousness: Deadly
Genre: Gothic horror
Difficulty: Difficult – some minor characters have thick accents (fortunately Van Helsing is written in plain english but with unusual grammar/word choices; a much better way of indicating an accent), slow-moving plot, very emotionally fraught
Rating: M – Nothing graphic, but nastiness happens. Also, it’s drawn-out nature would probably make it uninteresting to anyone who couldn’t relate to the emotions of the characters. (Then again, there are abridged versions designed for kids, so what do I know?)

Recommend: If you like that sort of thing. I appreciated the scenery, but didn’t enjoy the journey.

Up next … Heart of Darkness. Which I (currently) know very little about (other than that it’s by Joseph Conrad).

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