Cold Comfort Farm – Review

17 Apr

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I’ve decided to do a mini-review of each book in the following format:

Cold Comfort Farm

Published: 1932
Pages: ~230
Completed: Yes
Enjoyed: Yes

Seriousness: Satire
Genre: Rural Melodrama with a hint of sci-fi (video phones, Anglo-Nicaraguan War of ’46)
Difficulty: Moderate – some characters have thick accents, several neologisms describing farm life, occasional ultra-violet prose
Rating: PG – adult themes (nothing liable to scar the kiddies, but they probably wouldn’t get the jokes, so wouldn’t be interested)

Recommend: Yes, provided you’re not too invested in “literature” to be able to laugh at it

Up next … (affects thick Romanian accent) … a certain Count by the name of … Dracula!

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