A closer look at the farm

10 Apr

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Sure enough, Cold Comfort Farm continues into complete ridiculousness (in a good way). The characters are all insane in their own way; exaggerated from life, and combined in order to show just how silly their behaviour is. Small wonder no self-respecting student of literature has published a detailed analysis; besides the uncomfortable feeling of being laughed at (satire directed at oneself always feels more cutting), they would be missing the point. Yes, there are wonderful uses of neologism, metaphor, imagery, etc. Yes, particular details are highly symbolic. However, the passages of particularly ultra-violet prose (purple but more so), the author has expressly marked so as to say “Here’s a good bit!”. That defeats the purpose – part of the study is identifying the particularly lyrical passages.

That brings up a general point about literary criticism and interpretation, but I’ll probably make a separate post on that later.

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