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05 Apr

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Cold Comfort Farm (number 29).

I’ve only just started this, but I suspect I’m going to enjoy it a lot. It rather reminds me of Jane Austen in the sense of presenting the life of a young woman (albeit in a different era, but still one by-gone enough to be alien to my own experience) in the style of the time, but with a rich undercurrent that suggests the author is not taking things entirely seriously, and neither should you.

Of course, according to the introduction, penned by a suitably literary type, it rapidly becomes more overt satire, but despite the author’s deft touch (an old house is described as being demolished and “a garage perpetrated upon its site”), and the book’s critical popularity, it has not been the subject of much analysis by the literati (possibly because they’re who it is satirizing). The introduction speculates that because it is a comedy written by a woman, it is firmly entrenched in “middle-brow” status with no prospect of advancement (which is blatantly sexist – women can write low-brow comedy just as well as men ;-)).

Edit: As an afterthought, I wonder if the makers of Flora Proactiv are conscious of the reference?

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